How to perfect your lights installation

If you are worried about this holiday season, don’t fret, just about everyone is worried about having the best lights on the block. You can achieve the look that you want, but it will take work and effort as described in this article. Otherwise, you could decide that you don’t need holiday lights this year.

When you are ready to truly make your lighting display the talk of the block, then you need to focus your mind and focus your engineering skills. Hanging holiday lights is part art form and part engineering problem. The question that you will need to solve is how to make your house look like a house that is perfectly lit up in white and colors.

First, you will need to take a long and hard look at your house. Where do you want the lights? Do you want them to outline the roof, windows, doors, ledges, or other aspects of you house? Then you need to look at your yard. Would you like the lights to outline your trees or yard gnomes? It all depends on you taste and what you are looking for. If you are ready to start with you designs, you will need to measure everything out. You can’t guess the total length of strands that you will need to complete the job. Eyeballing this equation isn’t going to work. Instead you will need to get the measuring tape our and write down all of the angles and lengths.

Get a professional installer for the perfect look

You could keep going until you fall off your roof. However, the easier answer is to just hire the professionals. They can bring all of the lights with them and install everything under the safest conditions. You can worry about the indoor chores and they will worry about the lighting installation.

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