What is snow?

It may seem like a basic question, but the answer is a bit more complicated. Depending on where you live, snow could mean something completely different. The snow in Colorado is completely different than the snow in Pennsylvania, which is completely different than the snow in Seattle.

Basically, your winter could pile three general types of snow onto your property. In other terms, a blanket of precipitation is your enemy, and depending on if it’s the infantry, air force, or marines, you may have three different types of battles. Are you prepared for the worst?

First, the light fluffy stuff that is great for skiing. This snow sticks around for a while because its low density makes it harder to melt. Second, you could get a mix of fluff and water ice. This combination is deadly as often the ice is either hidden at the bottom or as a thin layer on the top. Either way it is a potent danger that is ripe to wipe you out or get your car stuck. Third, this is your mid-western snow, your hard as a rock and colder than ice wet cement. Basically, it is snow that has melted as it hits the ground and freezes onto the ground. This is referred to as icing.

Why hire a professional?

If you have had a bad experience with any of the previously described snow, then you may already know why you should hire a professional. Instead of breaking your back laboring over the driveway, it only takes one call to make it all go away. Why slave in the cold when you can be just as much the hero all while sitting on the couch staying warm.

The logic fails when you think you “should” do it yourself. You aren’t valuing your time enough. Here is a quick list of the benefits of professional snow removing services for all types of snow removal.

  • You never have to shovel the driveway again.
  • It will take a truck minutes to clean everything away instead of hours.
  • Everything is guaranteed instead of promised the night before.
  • Hiring a snow removal company is cheap.
  • Their services can be scheduled to occur as needed without having to call and schedule.

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