How to Put Up Lights

How many times have you installed your own holiday lights for the end of the year? How good of a job do you do on it? Do the lights go out? What about an entire string? Most people have visions of grandeur when they go into the year thinking about everything that they will be able to create with lights. They think about outlining the doors and windows. They think about wrapping trees and the dog. Instead they get a poorly done tree outline that looks lopsided. It really doesn’t look that good.

The key to lighting installation is proper planning. This is more intense than you think. You will need to start sketching out ideas and looking for inspiration on the internet. There are lots of great pictures showing what is possible. You need to just be creative about it and try to make it happen. Once you create the design you need to measure everything out and decide on how it will be installed onto the side of your house. You don’t want to ruin the siding or kill a tree. The final step is to actually do the installation. This will take you at least one whole weekend. Don’t plan on anything less. Depending how many lights you are going to be installed you may need all week.

Perfect Designs and Installation

You could do all of this, or you could just hire a professional team of holiday light installers to come and do everything in a day. It is totally up to you. However, you know that when you look at a house you can tell if the lights were professionally done or not. Go for the clean look and the exact angles that you get with a team of trained pros that know how to hang lights.

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