What to do when it snows

If you start to see it snowing what do you do? Well, the answer depends on where you are living. Different parts of the country experience snow differently. This means that the snow in the mountains for ski resorts is different than the inner-city Boston snow that clumps under the back of car tire wells. It is also different that the Midwest snow. This is the real difference. There are generally three types of snow.

First, there is the snow that comes from mountain precipitation events. This is fluffy and white and great to eat. It is light and fluffy, which means it isn’t dense and doesn’t readily melt in the sun. It will stick around and turn into the second type of snow. The second type of snow is the classic east coast mix. This type of snow is a mix of fluff and denser ice crystals that could have come from hail or frozen melted snow. Regardless the ice can form into balls or sheets that are hidden at the bottom of the fluff. This is dangerous stuff. Last, is icing snow. This type is rare but highly dangerous. There isn’t a lot of volume. However, the entire pack of the precipitation event that blankets the house and roads is a thick ice sheet.

Once you see that it is snowing out the best way to counter act the effects is to start sanding and salting your driveway. You can’t let it freeze. Once it freezes, you will have an icesheet in your front yard. Ice sheets are great for backyards where kids can play ice hockey. Cars don’t play ice hockey.

Why use a professional service?

Professional snow removal services take all of the guess work out of the equation. They let you worry about your indoor problems while they focus on the snow problems.

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