Hanging out outdoors is the best. Fresh air, family celebrations, lovely landscaping. Unless that is you’re still dealing with AstroTurf and raggedy concrete as opposed to a backyard. Do not stress, there’s expert help for that. Here are 7 reasons, both economic as well as visual, to invest in the excellent appearances of your lawn.

Increase Your Home’s Worth

Expert landscape design provides great return on investment. Find out exactly how employing a landscaper (more than) pays for itself. The Washington Post recommends spending 10 percent of your home’s value into landscaping. Follow this pointer and see your residence’s worth expand significantly when it’s time to sell.

Be Happier In Your Home

An attractive yard is your very own mini heaven. You can invest every night in your backyard, see the children play, take pleasure in romantic sunsets, and you savor sun-soaked afternoons. Besides the monetary and resale advantages of landscaped yard, it makes living in your residence that much more gratifying.

Decreasing Your Water Bill

Making improvements to your watering system can save you a lot of money. US News estimates it takes 660 gallons of water to provide 1,000 square feet of lawn which is the same quantity of water you use inside your house for an entire week. A watering system that’s leak-free and also reliable can lower your water bill down, and does a lot of good for the environment. Besides all that, watering systems that do not overwater makes it less likely that your plants will die from getting way too much water.

Make It Much Easier On Yourself

Do It Yourself projects can be enjoyable unless your yard makeover is more intricate than just a few new plants. When going at it by yourself, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to recognize suitable products, carry them all home in your hatchback (including those 100lb paving stones), carry them onto a dolly, settle them right into the holes you’ve pre-dug so they sit equally with the ground, and afterward go on to the following step of the procedure. Employing a crew to manage the task makes it much easier.

Keep Your Lifestyle Low-Maintenance

Some individuals are simply born with a green thumb. Many people aren’t. Even if you’re rather handy in the garden, odds are you may not have four hours every weekend to keep up the garden and lawn. A professional landscaper can help you achieve your vision while likewise keeping it low maintenance. A stunning yard that does not require much upkeep on your end. That seems like a dream scenario to me.

Lowering Your Power Costs

We already discussed just how you can decrease water expenses with good landscape design, but did you know that energy costs can be decreased as well? Energy.gov reports, “shading and evapotranspiration from trees can reduce surrounding air temperatures as much as 6 ° F. and air temperatures directly under trees can be as much as 25 ° F cooler …” Plants and trees not only look fantastic on your residential property, they conserve you money. It’s an all-around win.

Coordinate with Your Climate

Heavy rain, snow, desert heat– a professional landscaper will be able to produce a system in your yard that coordinates with your climate. For example, if you have tropical rains that come down annually, your new landscape design needs to feature a drain system to reroute the water safely. Keep your house from flooding and your yard from being adversely affected by the weather in your area. Call Rock Solid Landscape today for a free landscaping quote: 419-407-6691